when katniss was a little girl her and her father used to sneak into the woods and go hunting and fishings her favorite place in the woods was the river it was beautiful with a water fall and lots of flowers floating in the river

But when she was 12 father died in a mine explosivo. Leasing her to take Care of her sister prim and her mother. When she was at her fathers funeral she met a boy named gale. They started talking, getting familiar. That when gale told her that his father died in the same explosion as her father did. Then after a month or so katniss showed gale the forest they climbed between the uncharged wires nas ran off. thats when they started hunting together. Katniss was good at the bow and arrows wait did i say good i meant terrific she could shoot a deer, rabbit, or a.squirrell in only one shot each. Also she alwayed managed to get the heart. 

4 years of hunting and feeding their familys they became best friends. But then on the 74th  hunger games her sister prim got called from the reaping katniss was so in shock it was the first year her sister prim was in there and only 1 with her name, how did she get called.thats when katniss offered to take her place and participate in the hunger games........